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What If My Car Accident Involved A Pedestrian?

Pedestrian traffic is increasing largely in part because of the prices of owning or driving a vehicle. Living in cities all around the world, there are pedestrian crossing on busy streets to help pedestrians get from one place to another. Vehicles may need to yield to pedestrian crossings often. All…...

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The Role of Negligence In Assigning Fault For Car Accidents

Negligence is a legal concept. It is a term used to describe the failure to be careful, the failure to undertake reasonable actions....

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What Is Negligence Per Se?

If you have been injured in an accident, you will want to file a personal injury claim and use legal representation to guide you through it. In many personal injury cases, negligence is the basic reason and the plaintiff will need to provide the proof that the injury was caused…...

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Details On The New Traffic Safety Act In Nova Scotia

The New Traffic Safety Act in Nova Scotia helps to ensure pedestrians of 3 forms of added protection. To begin with, that Act expands the definition of distracted driving. It makes it illegal to check a hand held device while at sitting behind the steering wheel in a moving vehicle....

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Who Can Be Held Responsible If Pedestrian Gets Hit by Car?

If a pedestrian has been hit by an automobile, he or she should definitely plan to file a claim against the driver. In order to strengthen that claim, it helps to follow a recognized post-accident procedure....

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