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Pedestrian traffic is increasing largely in part because of the prices of owning or driving a vehicle. Living in cities all around the world, there are pedestrian crossing on busy streets to help pedestrians get from one place to another. Vehicles may need to yield to pedestrian crossings often. All too often, pedestrians are hit or involved in an accident in some way. If you have been involved in a vehicle accident with a pedestrian, you need to know the following:

You can assist an injured pedestrian as well as yourself immediately after an accident by following protocol. The fault for this type of accident Isn’t always clear and some form of negligence will most likely play a part of the insurance adjusters final report. If you have vehicle insurance, your policy will most likely cover injuries that a pedestrian suffers in an accident.

What to Do Immediately After Hitting a Pedestrian

If you have hit a pedestrian, the first thing you will want to do is to stop your vehicle and get out and assist the pedestrian until emergency personnel arrive. If no one has called an ambulance, you need to do that.

Exchange contact information as well as insurance information with all who are involved in the crash. Be specific with insurance information including your policy number as well as your agents contact information, if possible.

Take photos of the scene while it is still active. You will want to take photos of any damage done to your vehicle as well as any injuries that the pedestrian is complaining of. Preserve any evidence you may find at the scene that plays a role in how the accident happened.

Gather up all the names of witnesses on scene in case you are sued.If you hit a pedestrian and took off without stopping, you need to stop and call a Personal Injury Lawyer in Miramichi and explain the situation. This is called a hit-and-run and it is illegal in any state you are in.

If the pedestrian that you hit is injured, even minimal, you will need to report the accident, even if they say they are fine. You will also want to report it to your insurance company as well.

Driver Fault Isn’t Automatic In a Pedestrian-Car Accident

Despite what you may have heard, the driver of the vehicle is not always at fault on a vehicle vs pedestrian accident. However, if a driver hits a pedestrian at a clearly marked pedestrian crossing, then the driver is almost certainly the person at-fault.

If you have been involved in an accident, you will want to contact a personal injury lawyer and explain what happened and see what options you have.