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While you do not need to completely abstain from social media between your accident and the settlement of your injury claim, you do need to be aware that insurance companies hire investigators to monitor the accounts of claimants.Over the course of recent years, social media has been used more and more often as evidence in litigation cases, be it in the form of a text post admitting partial fault, or a photo or video that shows the claimant in the gym when they claimed work incapability due to injury.

What You Need To Be Aware of…

Firstly, you need to know that insurance companies have the right to fully disclose the entirety of your social media profiles, regardless of your privacy settings. This is because a court order is needed to gain access, and once it has been approved, your posts can be freely accessed and be taken out of context for the insurance company’s favor.In order to prevent this from happening, you should either fully abstain from social media, or stick to factual or vague posts which cannot be taken out of context or be used against you in any other shape or form. If you wish to update somebody on your condition, do so in a call or in person.

Furthermore, you should not post anything about your insurance company, the accident itself, or anything in regards to your injury, or injury claim. This extends to your family and friends as well. If they tag you in anything that may hurt your case, the investigator, and thus your insurance company, will see it.

The Posts That Could Hurt Your Injury Claim…

Learning what to avoid if you do choose to use social media, will be vital since it will lead to the investigator coming up empty handed. This way, you will have good chances of your injury claim being successful.Until settlement has been reached, you will need to abstain from posting pictures or videos which show you engaging in physical activity. Since you have filed a claim for physical injury, you cannot be seen working out or dancing, or anything of the like. Additionally, you cannot post anything that can be misinterpreted as you admitting liability for the accident.

It should also be noted that internet tracking apps may be utilized to disprove the series of events surrounding the accident which you described. This could hurt your credibility and ruin any chance of settlement, even with the help of a personal injury lawyer in Dartmouth. Thus, adhering to the advice of the lawyer becomes essential. Try to discuss all facets of the case with him or her and work accordingly so that you get maximum claim amount.