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It goes without saying how devastating some accidents can be, especially those that cause life-changing, painful injuries. In the long run, you can only hope for a complete recovery and to restore the quality of life you once enjoyed before your accident. If you live in Dartmouth and have recently had your life disrupted by an accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your financial losses and your pain and suffering. The Barapp Injury Law Corp would like to talk to you.

At times like these, the right personal injury lawyer in Dartmouth team can influence the outcome of your case by resolving your claim and getting you the compensation, you’re entitled to. After all, the last thing you need while recovering from your injuries is the stress and worry that often accompanies personal injury claims and lawsuits. Why not let us shoulder the legal burden for you so that you can stay focused on what is most important – you and your recovery!


At the Barapp Injury Law Corp, our clients are more than a file number or a statistic.  They’re a person and they’ve suffered a traumatic experience.  Our injury lawyer in Dartmouth teams have the experience and expertise and are always prepared to advocate aggressively on your behalf in the following types of personal injury cases:

  Motorcycle Accidents
  Dog Bites
  Pedestrian Accidents

  Motor Vehicle Accidents
  Orthopedic Injuries
  Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

  Product Liability
  Slip and Fall Accidents
  Public Transit Accidents

As compassionate professionals and personal injury lawyer in Dartmouth, we understand what you’re going through and how your life has been turned upside down by someone who acted negligently or recklessly.  Unlike the insurance adjusters and their lawyers, we have your best interests in mind.  We understand how the emotional turmoil, insurance adjusters and claims, law enforcement involvement, medical procedures and tests, and your physical pain can be overwhelming.  Why not let us help?


As the victim of someone else’s careless, negligent or reckless behavior, we know you want justice to be served.  We also understand how you feel you should receive fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries as well as your financial losses.  The Barapp Injury Law Corp is here to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.  It can be difficult to navigate the many complexities and intricacies of the personal injury legal process and that’s where we can help.

Unlike our injury lawyer team in Dartmouth, the insurance companies don’t have your best interests in mind.  They are only in business for the singular purpose of making a profit, even when it’s at your expense.  As an injury victim, you have the right to compensation for all financial losses attributed to your accident and injuries.  You deserve financial restitution for your pain and suffering as well.  Obviously, the insurance company will offer some compensation in the hopes you settle quickly.  DON’T AGREE TO IT!

You should never discuss your case with the insurance company’s adjusters or their lawyers without talking to the Barapp Injury Law Corp first.  We can quickly evaluate your personal injury case and determine what it is worth.  Once we determine that you have a valid claim, we put our personal injury lawyer team in Dartmouth to work on your case.  Remember, the insurance company lawyers can use anything you say against you in order to decrease the value of your personal injury claim.


We have years of combined experience and expertise representing accident and injury victims living in Dartmouth and in other areas throughout Nova Scotia.  There are three reasons you can depend on our firm.  This includes our capabilities in the field of personal injury law, our commitment to each client, and our passion for what we do.  If you would like more information regarding legal representation, we encourage you to contact the Barapp Injury Law Corp at your earliest convenience. Our lawyers would be glad to answer your queries and discuss your case.

Barapp Law Firm PC is in the process of being registered in Nova Scotia as a corporation. Harlan Pottins a contractor of Barapp Law Firm PC is a licensed lawyer in Nova Scotia.

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