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With the cold season comes the snow and ice and hail and sleet and thus, also an increase in car collisions, slip and fall accidents, and other hazards to watch out for. In order to help you avoid injury, we have put together this article which will list risks and hazards and what you can do to counteract them.

Road Hazards Leading To Motor Vehicle Accidents

Remaining in full control of a motorized vehicle during icy road conditions can be a nightmare. The biggest threat to all drivers is the black ice. Black ice is a nearly invisible, extremely thin layer of ice which covers roads and leads to accidents and injuries all over the country every winter. But while it is one of the main causes of collisions, it isn’t the only. Other hazards include:

• roads covered in slush and snow
• vehicles lacking snow tires, proper windshield wipers, or other vital winter equipment
• inexperience with harsh weather and road conditions
• disregard of longer braking times
• failure to slow down despite bad visibility

Oftentimes, people also forget about the hazards which can remain in the aftermath of a snowstorm. Threats such as fallen power lines and fallen branches in addition to some of the above mentioned will require you to drive with caution. Carelessness and overconfidence because a storm have passed are dangerous. It is much wiser to stay indoors until enough time has passed for roads to be cleared.

Slip And Fall Accidents Brought On By Winter Weather

With ice, snow, and slush covering the ground, it can already be dangerous to make way for the car from your own front door, even if snow has been shoveled the evening before. With low temperatures day in and out, the ground sometimes freezes faster than most expect.Because of this, it is important for every property owner to keep up with clearing the sidewalks surrounding their property, as well as the property itself. Otherwise, a person who has slipped and fallen on your property could take legal action against you.

Holiday Celebration Leads To Drunk Driving

Before you get tipsy at your company’s holiday party, or flat out drunk at New Year’s Party, always be sure to designate a driver to take you home. This designated driver should be someone trustworthy who you are sure will actually stay sober.These are just a few tips to ensure your safety. However, when involved in an accident for no-fault of yours, consider the services of a personal injury lawyer in St John’s. It becomes important for professional consultation, when you need to maximize your claim and not be intimidated by the insurance company.