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Sometimes a careless action can cause the person that has acted so carelessly to suffer a neck injury. At other times, the negligent act carried out by another person can cause the innocent victim to suffer a neck injury. Most injuries to the area of the cervical spine result from negligent behavior on the part of those present in one of 3 different situations.

Situations involving a car accident

Whiplash tops the list of typical neck injuries, resulting from an automobile collision. Whiplash victims display the symptoms associated with damage to the neck’s soft tissues. The injured victim endures terrible and ongoing pain. The same person should expect to deal with a slow rate of recovery. And that is one of the reasons that they need to contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Saint John that is experienced in all aspects of the law.

An incident that involves falling

The fall could be preceded by a tripping incident, or by the fact that the victim slipped on the surface. On the other hand, some victims fall from a decided height. Such a falling accident might take place at a construction site. A fall at a construction site usually results from a mistake done by a poorly trained worker.

Sometimes such an incident triggers formation of a fracture in the cervical spine. At times, such a fracture can cause the affected victim to deal with a life-changing paralysis. Recently, though, medicine has sought to develop a cure for paralysis, as might result from damage to the bones in the cervix.

Sports-related injuries to the neck

A horse-lover that does not learn how to ride properly might fall from the horse. That could put an end to the horse-lover’s riding career. As explained above, a fall can increase the chances for damage to the cervical spine.

Warning signs should work to keep any sensible adults that love diving away from shallow water. The absence of such signs, or the failure to heed them can invite the development of neck problems. In addition, an unsafe high dive could result in a fall. By the same token, an absence of the proper equipment could make it more likely that a tackled football player might suffer a neck injury.

Soccer and hockey are not common sports, that spectators normally associate with the type of action that might damage the necks of one or more players. Still, players that do not receive proper training could exhibit improper behavior. Their behavior could damage the soft tissue in one or more necks.

Most sport-related situations involving damage to the region of the cervical spine have been designed to prevent such unfortunate tragedies. Still, insufficient signage, poor equipment or improper training does have the ability to somehow cancel-out the best-intentioned efforts at the ultimate prevention of neck-related problems.