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A tragic atmosphere surrounds any situation in which there has been a wrongful death. Sometimes one person’s negligence has caused another person to have a shortened life span. This article looks at the 3 most common circumstances in which negligent behavior leads to a wrongful death.

Medical malpractice

Personal Injury Lawyer in Halifax knows that a surgeon might perform the wrong procedure, or might carry out the right procedure on the wrong side of the patient’s body. Depending on the nature of the surgeon’s mistake, it might cause the patient to die, while on the operating table.

A doctor might make the wrong diagnosis. If that mistake kept a patient from being treated properly, it could increase the chances for an untimely death. Doctors have also been known to prescribe the wrong medication, or the wrong dose for the right medication.

Finally, poor care can increase the chances that a given patient might die. Evidence of that fact was exposed, when the personnel in certain medical facilities lacked the ability to deal with a given emergency.

Auto accidents

Was the driver drunk or distracted? Had the driver become exceedingly fatigued? Had the driver failed to follow one of the known traffic laws? A “yes” answer to any of those questions would highlight the negligence of the responsible driver. The driver’s negligence created a situation that caused someone to die in a wrongful manner.

Sometimes an engineer has failed to create what would qualify as a safe stretch of roadway. At other times, a traffic light might not work properly. At nighttime, inadequate lighting makes an accident more likely to happen. When such inadequacies lead to a wrongful death, the responsible municipality should do whatever it can to identify and correct the problem.

Construction accidents

A worker at a construction site should keep in mind the 3 most dangerous situations at such a site. For instance, that same worker might fall while performing a task at a decided height. Alternatively, that particular employee might get hit by a piece of heavy equipment. Finally, someone responsible for installing the wiring could actually get electrocuted.

Usually, in each of those situations, a tragedy has occurred because the deceased worker was not trained properly. Studies have shown that poor training was the primary cause for most of the accidents that were reported by those responsible for completion of all the tasks that need to get done within any construction site.

In some regions, the time for construction projects gets shortened by the weather. In such areas, a rush to get things done can take priority over safety concerns. Naturally, a lengthy training period would cut-in considerably to the amount of time during which a given structure could be constructed.