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These 3 words “bus rider injuries” can refer to the culmination of more than one type of event. In fact, a bus rider might get injured during any of 3 different events. That is why this article provides details on the possible terminating occurrences for each such event.

What could happen if one of buses got hit by another vehicle?

• The driver might brake suddenly, in an effort to avoid that collision.
• A passenger might get tossed about and injured.
• That injured passenger would qualify for receipt of statutory accident benefits and attendant care.
• The same person/passenger would have a right to seek coverage of both immediate and long-term medical expenses.
• In addition, that passenger’s rights would allow him or her to go after a monetary form of income replacement.
• All of the above would be possible because there was a collision between the bus and other motor vehicle.

What could happen if the bus driver managed to avoid the collision?

If the bus driver achieved that goal by stepping on the brakes, it would again be possible for a passenger to get tossed about and injured. Personal Injury Lawyer in Saint John knows that because the bus did not collide with another motor vehicle, the injured passenger could not expect to receive statutory benefits.

If that adult/passenger wanted to get compensated for his or her injuries, it would be the passenger’s responsibility to file a claim with a personal car or health insurance company. Injured passengers lacking their own car or health insurance would need to file a tort claim. Someone that has chosen to file such a claim also consults with and hires a lawyer.

Suppose one of the bus passengers got hit by one of the other riders?

The person that got hit might suffer injuries, but those injuries would not have resulted from the impact created by a collision. The injured adult might be able to get some benefits from TTC, but there would be restrictions on the extent of such benefits.

The same adult would have the right to file a claim with his or her personal health insurance. Alternately, he or she could initiate a tort claim. Again, there would be little reason to hope for using that same claim to win the desired compensation, unless an effort were made to locate and hire a lawyer.

Facts that apply to all 3 cases:

The condition of the TTC bus and the bus company’s facilities could be investigated.

The injured passenger would need to submit a notice of claim to TTC within 10 days of the injury-causing incident. In the absence of that notice, no legal action could be taken.