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Personal injury lawyers provide each potential client with the chance to benefit from a no-cost consultation. That provides both the Personal Injury Lawyer in St John’s and the potential client with an opportunity to discuss the incident that has created a need for the consultation. At that point in time, both parties understand that neither of them has made a commitment.

A potential client’s timing could dissuade an attorney from taking the same client’s case

Sometimes, the victim of an accident waits too long before making a call to an attorney’s office. By then it could be that only a short interval of time would pass before the deadline for filing a complaint, the first step along the route that could end with a lawsuit. Few lawyers agree to take a case that has that sort of timeline.

The challenges linked to the presented personal injury claim could be greater than what the consulted attorney feels ready to handle.

An inexperienced member of the legal community would hesitate to represent someone that had a rather complex claim. Hence, the person possessing the complex claim would need to search for an alternate source of legal guidance.

Other aspects of a potential client’s case that could keep a lawyer from agreeing to take on a specific client

Allegations of shared blame have been raised against the person that has arrived for a consultation.

The possible client failed to seek medical help during the 24-hour period that followed a recent accident.

The lawyer harbors questions, with respect to the credibility of the person that could become a client/plaintiff.

Sometimes lawyers’ own situation influences their decision, regarding agreement to add one or more persons to their list of clients

Lawyers usually decline any cases that do not fall within a given lawyer’s area of expertise, or area of interest.

The consulted attorney might lack sufficient money or time for dealing properly with the presented claim.

That influential situation might relate to a conflict of interest: For instance, the person that has scheduled a consultation might be someone that has driven into a ditch on a parking lot, one that was undergoing planned changes to its surface. As a result, that particular driver has given thought to suing the company that was doing the construction work for the city.

—Yet the consulted lawyer might be familiar with the manager of the crew that was doing work at the site with the ditch-like threat to users of the same parking lot.
—The lawyer’s familiarity with that particular manager would qualify as a conflict of interest. Lawyers’ professional guidelines tend to keep them from accepting any cases that would appear to fall into the category of conflict of interest.