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Minor injuries resolve themselves in a relative short period of time. The recovery time becomes much longer, if an accident victim has sustained a serious injury. In fact someone that has suffered a serious level of harm could face the need to live with a physical disability.

Why are some injuries serious, while others are not?

If the driver or any occupant were to refrain from using a seat belt, their decision could become the reason for the large degree of harm to that same person’s body, as the result of an accident.

The point at which one vehicle has happened to impact a second one could affect the nature and severity of the injuries sustained by the driver and occupants in the impacted vehicle. Sometimes a forceful hit in the right location can change the direction in which the hit vehicle was heading.

The Personal Injury Lawyer in St John’s knows that the nature of the injuries to the driver and occupant could also reflect the location at which the impact caused the most damage. Occupants of a car that had been damaged along with side could suffer an injury to an arm or a leg.

The direction that a given occupant of an automobile had been facing could affect the type of injuries created during a collision with another vehicle. For instance, some objects that had been on the dashboard might travel through the air and hit someone that was in the back seat, and facing forward.

The speed of any vehicle involved in a collision could work to determine the severity of any sustained injuries. A sudden movement of the head and neck could cause anyone in the impacted vehicle to suffer the symptoms associated with whiplash. If air bags were present, that fact might have an influence on the nature of the harm done to the driver or occupants. Sometimes, those riding in a vehicle do get injured, as the result of debris that has been released, when an air bag was deployed.

How healthy were the occupants and driver at the time of the collision? Sometimes even a minor infection could cause a powerful impact to produce a serious injury. That would certainly be true, if the infected region of the body were one of the areas that got thrown against some section of the vehicle’s interior space.

Indeed, the victim might cry out in pain, at the time of the impact. Later, though, the effect of chemicals like adrenaline could subdue that initial sense of pain. That fact could help to explain the reason for the slow appearance of certain conditions, even quite serious ones, like a traumatic brain injury.