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Thanks to the gifts of nature, humans can twist their neck and look in more than one direction. Humans enjoy that ability, because the neck contains soft tissues. Unfortunately, the forces associated with a motor vehicle can damage those same tissues. Those forces can get directed in a variety of different directions.

For instance, consider what happens to a neck after a car feels the impact of another vehicle, typically one that has hit the car’s rear section. At first the head is thrust forward, then it gets pulled back. That results in what doctors refer to as hyperextension of the soft tissues.

Actions to take, in an effort to deal with the effects of such forces:

See a doctor as soon as possible; make sure that a local physician is aware of your injury. When new symptoms appear, report them to the same physician.

Seek prompt treatment, even if it is only pain medication. Make sure that your doctor has reported your request for treatment.

Consider keeping a journal, so that you can recall when you suffered the greatest amount of pain.

What to expect in the first 24 yours, if the soft tissue in your neck has undergone a hyperextension:

• Recurring or ongoing headaches
• Neck and shoulder pain
• Stiffness in the neck and shoulders
• Tenderness; discomfort, when sitting in a chair that lacks some type of support for your head.
• Tingling: you might experience tingling in your hands or fingers.
• Numbness in the extremities: That is a sign that damage to the soft tissues in your neck has affected your nerves.
• Unexplained fatigue; times when you feel tired, even though you have not been exerting yourself
• Sleep disruptions; vivid dreams can also indicate the presence of a problem.

A journal can be used to record evidence of long term effects.

Persistent headaches: Use a journal to describe how such headaches respond to the administration of pain medications.

Possible development of a permanent disability; chronic pain can aid development of a disabling condition.

Precautions to take, if you plan to file for long term disability benefits

Be aware of the fact that the insurance company may hire investigators to carry out video surveillance. Personal Injury Lawyer in Summerside advice not to take part in any activities that might suggest that you are not really disabled by your pain. It is best not to perform any tasks that are similar to what you would be asked to do on the job.

Do not post any pictures of you on social media networks. Be careful what remarks you post, if you visit such a site. Post no picture or remark that might suggest that you are now free of pain, or free to move with relative ease.