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If you have been injured from a slip and fall accident or a car accident you might wonder what percentage of your compensation a personal injury lawyer in Dartmouth might take. Most lawyers will inform you that with these accidents there is no set or legal fee involved but some lawyers will have certain percentages based on a case by case basis. Some lawyers use differing factors to determine their percentage fee. Factors such as the ones listed below:

● How much time will this case probably run?
● How complex are the matters that are in issue?
● How much responsibility does the lawyer want to assume in the case?
● What will the overall monetary value of the case be?

A lot of lawyers will base their fee on what the monetary damages of the case will ultimately be. Some lawyers have set percentage fees depending on what services they will provide for your case. There are lawyers that will give you a fee of a flat percentage rate of around 20 percent of the damages you are awarded. They may require 15 percent if the case is more severe. Really good personal injury lawyers will happily discuss percentage fees upfront to help you make an informed decision before a formal agreement. It depends upon the individual cases and based on the level of severity of injuries, the number of hours they will put in and the compensation amount that you are eligible for will be deciding factors for their fees.

There are a lot of factors that are closely reviewed by a personal injury lawyer before they make an agreement to take your case. Many lawyers might try to charge on ongoing benefits, these could include a settlement fee or from a judgment. Some lawyers will not and they will include in their client services the forms and benefit applications as part of their services without charging a higher percentage. Even if there happens to be a dispute these lawyers will still charge a similar percentage.

Always choose a personal injury lawyer with a long and solid reputation. These lawyers will let you know upfront what percentage they will be charging for your case. Sometimes the fee can be overturned at a later date. You should discuss the percentage fee with the lawyer as soon as possible if you have concerns. It can be your choice when deciding on a lawyer to get a free consultation and then choose the one that is right for you after discussing what is included in the percentage fee.

Being concerned about the fees is something you should feel comfortable discussing with the personal injury lawyer you will choose.