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The legal system has created a clear path that can be followed by anyone that has been injured in a car accident. Victims that travel that path start their journey by filing a personal injury claim.

Steps that lead to acquisition of compensation for injuries

At scene of accident, get contact information for the other driver, assuming other driver was responsible for collision. Notify that driver of your injuries and your intention to file a claim.

Obtain copies of documents that will serve as evidence. That includes the police report, any photographs of the scene or of your injuries, the names, addresses and telephone numbers for witnesses, your medical records plus your medical bills, and your pay stubs from work. Do not start negotiations until every injury has stabilized. Then present an offer to the adjuster and respond to the adjuster’s offers. Repeat process until you 2 reach an agreement.

Once you and the adjuster agree on a settlement figure, compose a letter that confirms the details of the agreement. State the date on which you expect to receive your promised payment.

Added step to take after receiving the compensation:

Consult with your Personal Injury Lawyer in Corner Brook. Then sign the release that removes the insurance company from further liability. If you delayed starting negotiations until every injury was stabilized, it should be safe to proceed with signing that release. Still, it is best to first speak with your lawyer.

Situations that can highlight your need for a lawyer:

You hear from the insurance company that it denies its responsibility for the claim. If the evidence has shown that you are not at fault, the insurer is acting in bad faith. That means that you have the right to sue that insurance company. You will need a lawyer, when you appear in court.

You discover that the other driver’s insurance policy leaves him or her underinsured. That means that the other driver’s policy does not cover your costly losses. In order to go after your deserved compensation, you will need to sue that underinsured man or woman. Thus, you need an attorney’s assistance. The insurance company urges you to accept an early settlement, but you are still treating the injured parts of your body. You need someone that can back you up, as you insist on delaying the time for a settlement. Lawyers have learned how to deal with insurers.

They understand how to respond to the urgings of an adjuster. You must take advantage of your ability to access a lawyer’s help. Force the insurer to face the lawyer’s strong objections, rather than yours. Lawyers have learned how to frame and present such objections, in order to advocate for a client’s interests.