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At one time that might have seemed like a silly question. In the past, it seemed far more likely that someone might get injured by falling off of a bike, rather than by getting hit by one. Today, though, introduction of more sophisticated cycles has added some legitimacy to the question in the title of this article.

What are some examples of a sophisticated bike?

Electric bikes

Motorized bikes, which come with a throttle

Laws passed in Canada, in order to reduce the number of bike-caused injuries:

Anyone riding an electric bicycle or a motorized bicycle in a lane set aside for bicycles must go no faster than 30 miles per hour.

Anyone that has been banned from driving a motor vehicle cannot operate an electric or motorized bike. Anyone that tries to get around that ban will be punished.

Consequences faced by cyclist that has chosen to ignore either of the above rules:

That cyclist might find it hard to control the 2-wheeled means of transport on which he or she was seated. As a result, the same cyclist might hit a tree, a sign, a parked car or even a pedestrian. The impact might cause the bicycle rider to fall from his or her seat. If the fallen rider gets injured, he or she cannot file a personal injury claim. The fact that the same rider was breaking the law would rule out the possibility of entering such a claim, even if someone else was responsible.

That stipulation would not speed the healing of a foot that had been run over by a bike’s tire. Still, it would serve as a type of punishment, if the act of hitting someone’s foot had caused the bike rider to tumble onto the pathway, the one that had been designed for bicycles.

Usually, bike accidents can cause injuries to the extremities and oftentimes, lead to abrasions, lacerations, fractures, strains and contusions. Additionally, road rash is another aspect to consider and will need debris removal from the skin. If you think you have had a fracture, check for swelling, lack of movement, difficulty moving and bruising. It is important to get imaging done to confirm fractures. You need to ensure that all medical reports are documented for when a personal injury claim has to be filed, these would serve as proof of injuries.

Most often, bicyclists get head injuries and that is why they should always wear helmets. Of all the injured bicyclists, 22% to 45% riders end up with injuries as they did not wear safety gear. Most of the disability claims filed by the injured bicyclists are due to head injuries. It is best to seek the assistance of Personal Injury Lawyer in Dieppe to help file a claim.