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Whether or not your injuries are obvious and noticeable or you hide them well, you need to prepare for your personal injury case as though you have to prove that you actually received injuries from an accident due to someone else being negligent. The first task you want to accomplish is to gather up all documents that are relevant to your particular case. You will also want to include any evidence you find along the way that will support the claim that you have filed regarding your lawsuit.

You will then want to send the insurer a demand letter in writing. In this letter, you will want to describe your injuries to the best of your ability. And discuss all medical treatment that you already received. You will also want to include your loss of income and other damages you may have suffered because of the accident. If you believe that you may be at fault to some extent, this letter is not the time to confess that. You will want to send in this letter based on what you know to be the facts at the moment.

When your Personal Injury Lawyer in St John’s will specify the amount that you are willing to receive for your injuries, you will want to give a high amount. The insurance adjuster will want to offer you a counteroffer that will go under what you feel is fair in your letter. Once you receive a counteroffer, you need to be quick with your response whether you accept it or not. Send it back with another offer that you may entertain but nothing less. Once the adjuster sees that you are not going to settle this very easy, he or she may not contact you directly anymore and your case will go to trial.

Common Issues During Settlement Negotiations

Most of the time, the settlement offers during negotiations will be based on the coverage allotted on the policy. The one thing to keep in mind is that the insurer is the one who agreed upon this policy contract with the insurance company originally, not you. So it is a policy that may need to be interpreted in your favor due to this matter.

It’s common for the insurer to be a little on the skeptical side when you are claiming your injuries and the treatments that go with them. Its particular vital that everything you do or need during the hours, days, weeks, and months after the accident is all documented in depth. When you document, keep receipts, and reports from all medical appointments, there is nothing that the other party can argue about that you can’t explain if you need to.

It’s also important to look at what the other party is going to be capable of if your case goes to court. They may question the injury, the way the accident happened, and they may even bring up your pre-existing conditions and try to turn it around to where your injury occurred because of something you did.