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At Barapp Injury Law Corp, we are dedicated to serving victims of accidents and negligence. Our professional team of Saint John personal injury lawyers has recovered tens of millions of dollars in compensation for our clients throughout the years. We are a group of dedicated trial lawyers who will never back down from a fight when it comes to our clients. When you need the best legal representation, you owe it to yourself to speak with our lawyers.


Personal injury law can be complex. When you are dealing with liability and negligence, it is important to have a dedicated professional on your side. From dog bites to public transit accidents, intensive investigation must be done in order to prove liability. Strict timelines must be adhered to. Witnesses must be interviewed and evidence collected and categorized. This is no job for a lawyer that merely dabbles in personal injury.


At Barapp Injury Law Corp, we only practice personal injury law. In this way, we can offer our clients the finest legal advice and offer our decades of knowledge and resources for the most comprehensive representation available. We offer a no-cost consultation so you can understand your rights and alternatives. After an injury due to an accident, getting the advice of a legal professional can be one of the most important things you can do. Before accepting any settlements from an insurance company, know your rights.


When you consult with a personal injury lawyer in Saint John, you will come to learn that insurance companies typically offer settlements that are far lower than the compensation you are due. This is because insurance companies are motivated by profit, not the physical and financial well being of the insured party. They want a claim resolved quickly and cheaply. Once you accept an insurance settlement, you have released the insurance company or defendant from any further liability.

When an insurance company determines a settlement amount, they use data and mathematical formulas. They will minimize the costs surrounding your injury as much as possible and then push to reach a settlement as quickly as possible. Insurance companies do not want an injury case to go to court.


Our legal professionals at Barapp Injury Law Corp fully investigate your accident and work with your medical team on your behalf to make sure you are getting the appropriate care and advice. We work with an extensive team of medical professionals so we can ensure that you are getting the best medical care possible for your recovery. Having the resources of medical professionals with differing specializations and skills enables our clients to have peace of mind with their healing process. Having medical experts who can attest to your diagnosis and long-term prognosis enables us to recover sufficient compensation to ensure that your physical and financial needs will be fully attended to.


The legal professionals at Barapp Injury Law Corp are dedicated to the rights of victims of accidents and negligence. We have a proven track record or recovering tens of millions of dollars in compensation for the victims of motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents, and public transportation accidents. We also have extensive experience with dog bite claims, product liability claims, disability claims, and workers compensation claims. Over the years, we have specialized in particular forms of injuries such as catastrophic orthopaedic injuries, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and chronic pain.


If a settlement cannot be reached, our experienced trial lawyers will take your claim to court. We never back down from a court case so our clients can get the most advantageous compensation possible.

At Barapp Injury Law Corp, our expert team of Saint John personal injury lawyers has represented victims and their families for over six decades. Let us protect your rights and recover the maximum compensation due you after an injury. Call us for a no-obligation consultation and discover how we can represent your legal rights.

Barapp Law Firm PC is in the process of being registered in Nova Scotia as a corporation. Michael Brill a contractor of Barapp Law Firm PC is a licensed lawyer in Nova Scotia.

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Della ArnoldDella Arnold
01:49 06 Feb 23
The lawyer and his staff were wonderful. They were with me every step of the way. They explained everything that was going on and when I called they always returned my call . I was very satisfied with the experience.
Gwendolyn FrenchGwendolyn French
07:42 04 Feb 23
I really enjoy being able to go out and explore all the different plants at my local dispensary. The staff is always friendly, helpful people who are knowledgeable about what they're recommending for me!
Gail BurkeGail Burke
07:34 04 Feb 23
They were just absolutely amazing in every way and made this whole experience a whole lot less stressful. The law team were always extremely respectful, caring, timely and professional. Couldn’t imagine a better experience when dealing with a lawyer and a car accident.
Dianna NewtonDianna Newton
05:18 01 Feb 23
Amazing, They really went above and beyond! I called them to get advice on a car accident after my father was in one. It was all so overwhelming but they put my mind at ease, answered all of my questions thoroughly, and were courteous while listening to his story. Thank you truly.
James RogersJames Rogers
06:11 31 Jan 23
l couldn't believe how quick things would start moving forward, they were so helpful, they answered all the questions I had and he was very honest. I appreciate the fact that they offered free consultation! I appreciate how quickly things are moving along, you will not regret calling this injury law firm!
Ali soumanaAli soumana
13:50 06 Jan 23
I was a victim of medical malpractice and didn't know where to turn. But Barapp Injury Law Corp and Eric were there for me every step of the way. They fought for my rights and got me the settlement I deserved. Thank you so much.
Darrin HodderDarrin Hodder
10:52 29 Aug 21
The best call I ever made to a firm. I was immediately put at ease because of the obvious professional and personal attention they have. I am truly appreciative of how well everything was handled, I couldn't have done this on my own. I highly recommend this firm to all in need of an Injury law firm!
Teresa SmithTeresa Smith
10:43 20 Aug 21
The lawyer here was very nice and easy to talk to. He had a lot of knowledge about the personal injury law and answered many questions I had regarding the form and the information I was giving them. They were reassuring and available for questions/concerns now and even after the call.
Debbie DoucetDebbie Doucet
13:30 12 Feb 19
Excellent in every aspect of the word. The entire team working at Barapp Injury Law Corp was very professional and hospitable, and I couldn't have been happier with their service.
Asad RazaAsad Raza
18:54 25 Jan 19
A lot of thanks to Alex for his professionalism and efficiency. As well as the Barapp Injury Law Corp’s staff who was really helpful and friendly. I will strongly recommend them to all my colleague and friends, who is looking for a professional personal injury lawyer’s help in Saint John.
Wanda HowellsWanda Howells
22:48 27 Nov 18
I would highly recommend the team of Barapp Injury Law Corp. I had an accident in Saint John and was in need of professional help, these guys did great job. Case settlement was long lasting process but thanks to them it was stress free and with very good final outcome. Always professional, attentive and approachable. It has been a pleasure dealing with this firm. Thank you
Trenton SomersTrenton Somers
21:36 27 Nov 18
This team of lawyers did a great job on my brothers slip and fall case. They settled the file in under 1 year. They always kept in contact with the family, which made all this process less stressful. I will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for real professional personal injury legal help in Saint John.