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Both the bicycle rider and the motorist must follow all the rules of the road. Yet each of them must also adhere to certain other regulations.

Motorists must respect the rules that relate to sharing the road with those that are riding bicycles.

Every driver must keep a safe distance away from any rider on a bike. If a driver has chosen to pass any of the bicycle riders, then he or she is supposed to remain 3 ft way from the 2-wheeled vehicle, while driving past that same vehicle.

If a bicycle and a car were to arrive at the same time at an intersection with 4 STOP signs, then the rules that apply to motorists would also apply to the bicycle rider. Those are the rules that should determine which of the 2 vehicles (the car or the bicycle) ought to be the first one to pass the stop sign, and enter the intersection.

Rules to be noted by both motorists and those riding on a bicycle

Someone that is seated on top of two wheels does not have the right to ignore the posted signs. Both motorists and bike riders are expected to observe the directions on a sign that has been posted at a construction site, or one that has been posted at any point along a roadway. That includes any YIELD sign.

Anyone that has control of any vehicle on the road should avoid reliance on any form of distraction, such as a hand-held device. Both drivers and bike riders should keep that bit of guidance in mind at all times. A motorist could not fault a bicyclist for venturing out of the bike lane, if he or she had been paying attention to a hand-held device, at the time when the bicyclist’s path failed to remain inside of a designated lane.

Both drivers and bicyclists must give pedestrians the right-of-way. Drivers should be ready for the chance that someone on a bike might yield to a pedestrian, as per personal injury lawyer in St John’s.

Regulations that a bicyclist is supposed to obey

Anyone that has chosen to ride a bike on the roadway is expected to remain in the bike lane, if it is available. Sometimes those that are riding a bicycle fail to obey this particular regulation: Each of them is supposed to remain in the far-right hand lane, or to the right or any cars that are in a lane for those making a left-hand turn. Someone that is using a bike to get from one point to the next should not ride on the sidewalk. He or she is supposed to stay on the roadway.