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Did someone else’s actions force you to suffer a loss? If that is the case, then you might have the right to file a personal injury claim.

What was the result of the negligent behavior exhibited by the defendant?

Did that behavior cause an accident? Did that accident manage to injure other people? Did it damage any property? The legal system does not allow one person to harm others, even if it has not been done intentionally.

The legal system insists that every person has a duty of care towards a certain other group of people. Failure to exhibit that expected duty of care can be labelled as negligence. Members of society can face charges, if their negligence has harmed others.

Do you hesitate to hire a lawyer?

The victim of an accident does not have to retain a lawyer, in order to file a personal injury claim. In fact, that same victim/claimant does not need to retain an attorney, in order to file a personal injury lawsuit. Although, a claimant’s chances for winning a personal injury lawsuit increase, if that same claimant has chosen to hire a personal injury lawyer in Halifax.

Do you feel as though you would be cheating someone by winning? If you have suffered a loss, you deserve to be provided with a compensation. If you deserve that compensation, then why not seek it, by retaining legal representation?

Can you file your lawsuit before the deadline, as stated in the statute of limitations?

That is the primary requirement that is facing anyone that wants to file a personal injury lawsuit. The legal system demands a prompt filing from an accident victim. Why has the legal system created such a deadline?

The claimant must produce certain proofs. The defendant must produce evidence that can cast doubt on the veracity of claimant’s allegations. If a lawsuit does not get filed in a timely manner, the court can deny to the claimant the right to proceed with that personal injury lawsuit.

Can you file a lawsuit for injuries that were done to someone else?

If a family has lost a loved one in an accident, then one member of that family does have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit, on behalf of the deceased relative. The legal system cannot pay the family members for their grief. Still, all the grieving family members deserve to be compensated for any financial loss.

The legal system faces the possible consequences of that loss. Does that loss reflect the sudden absence of a bread-winner? Alternately, did that loss create the absence of someone to care for small children, thus forcing a relative of the deceased to stay home, and not go to work?