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Someone that has been bitten by another person’s canine companion should immediately seek medical care. What actions should the dog’s owner take?

Actions required of the dog owner

You need to provide the victim of the dog’s attack with your name and your contact information. If your dog has bitten a child, seek out the parents, and provide them with your name and contact information.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Halifax advices that you contact the appropriate insurance company. If you are a homeowner, contact the offices of your homeowner’s insurance. If you are a renter, call the offices of the company that sold you a renter’s insurance policy. Plan to make the aggressive pet available to the city, so that it can undergo the required quarantine.

Prepare for what could happen

Unless the area where you live do not have any dangerous dog laws, expect to be contacted about legal proceedings. Prior to the holding of those same hearings, your dog would be impounded. At that point, you would need to await notice of the coming hearing. Consider getting a lawyer, so that you could have someone with more legal experience challenge the allegations that might be made at that scheduled hearing. Take advantage of the fact that you should have the chance to contest those allegations.

Depending on the strength of your argument, you might find that you have failed to convince the court that you had done your upmost to control your pet. If you have been unable to show that you do have the ability to control your 4-legged companion, then you must deal with one of 2 possibilities.

You could be required to relinquish ownership of your dog. If you lost your challenge, then you would have to comply with the court’s request. That could be its request.
On the other hand, you could get to keep your dog, but under the assumption that you would follow a list of restrictions. You would be provided with that list of restrictions.

Each of those restrictions would represent a government’s effort to control what it has viewed as a dangerous animal. No matter how friendly and loving your pet might act towards you, the restrictions would force you to treat it has a dangerous animal.


View the account of what could happen as a warning. Be sure to follow all the rules that apply to every dog owner. Get a dog license, and have your pet canine wear that license number on its collar. That action would act in your favor, if your pet were to attack any guest or stranger. It could help to convince the court that you did your best to control your 4-legged companion. It could help you to retain ownership of your pet.