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The victims of a car accident in British Columbia often feel tempted to accept ICBC’s first offer. Admittedly, such an action ensures the victim of quick access to some useful cash. Still, that single benefit does not come close to outweighing the significance of a few key drawbacks.

One major drawback:

The number of symptoms associated with the victim’s injury might increase, depending on the nature of the sustained injury. The appearance of new symptoms would indicate the need to seek more money, in the way of compensation. Yet, someone that has agreed to settle cannot request such funds. In addition, new symptoms could shed more light on the exact nature of the injury. It might be more severe than originally reported. That fact, too, would alter the size of a fair compensation.

One drawback’s unwanted effect:

The policy holder that accept ICBC’s first offer discourages the pursuit of future negotiations. That effect can invite unwanted consequences. Only by negotiating with a second party, can the first party learn the weaknesses of that opposing party. In addition, use of negotiations can open the door to the other party’s consideration of a larger compensation.

The typical size of that first offer represents another drawback.

As a rule, the Insurance Company of British Columbia presents the policy holder with what is known as a low-ball offer. That gets presented when the insurance company is putting forward the first of its offers. The smart claimant appreciates that fact, and refuses to accept the first of ICBC’s offers.

The first of the offers from ICBC get made in the absence of much information.

In other words, the insurance company lacks all of the details, regarding the accident for which the policy holder has sought compensation. Obviously, such a move suggests the company’s inability to consider offering a fair amount of money to the victimized driver. No victim wants to become the recipient of an unfair amount of money.

The best way to deal with such drawbacks:

Anyone that plans to seek from ICBC compensation for a car accident ought to hire a lawyer. That specific move can prove helpful in more than one way. For instance, that attorney can help with delaying acceptance of any proposed settlement, until a fair payment has been put on the table.

In addition, a lawyer’s experience can prove useful, when a suggested compensation fails to take certain facts into consideration. Lawyers understand how to insist on a recognition of such facts. Personal Injury Lawyer in Saint John realize that such a recognition forces acknowledgment of the need to offer a larger amount of money. Furthermore, an attorney will recognize a low-ball offering. Once it has been recognized, it can be refused.