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Any reputable personal injury lawyer agrees to consult with each potential client, before agreeing to take on that possible client’s case. The smart victim of an accident that causes a personal injury studies carefully what questions to ask during such a consultation. Below the reader of this article will find some suggested questions.

How can I be sure that I have a strong case?

No client wants to spend time trying to win a weak case. Someone that retains a personal injury lawyer hopes to win a fair compensation for his or her losses. Personal Injury Lawyer in Saint John that are familiar with personal injury cases understand what features can be found in a strong case. Such lawyers will listen attentively to a potential client, in order to determine whether the shared information suggests the foundation for a strong case.

For instance, what are the details surrounding the accident? Are the details clear, or are some in question? In addition, what is the nature of each claimed injury? The answers to those questions offer a clue to any case’s strength.

What is the deadline for starting a court action?

That depends on the statute of limitations in the area where the claim will be filed. Most lawyers know the statute of limitations for the area where their clients live and work. A personal injury attorney should share that information with a potential client.

What is your fee?

Most personal injury lawyers charge a contingency fee. That means that they take an agreed-upon percent of the money awarded to the client, as compensation for the claimed losses. The client does not have to make any up-front payment.

If a potential client feels ready to accept that arrangement, then the client and attorney can discuss what percentage of the client’s award will be given to the consulted lawyer. If the 2 of them agree on a figure, then then the attorney-client team can work on gathering all the available evidence.

What are our chances for winning a fair compensation?

Anyone that has been injured in an accident should know that a personal injury lawyer seldom takes a case that he or she does not feel confident about winning. Such lawyers do not hesitate to refuse a case, if it seems to lack sufficient evidence, or proof of the client’s claim.

After all, such an attorney gets paid on a contingency basis. He or she has no hope of getting paid, if the client loses. That is the main reason that personal injury lawyers take only those cases that they feel they can win. The lawyer’s chance for a fee equals the client’s chance for winning a fair compensation. There is no guarantee, concerning either of them.