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Anyone that has been the injured victim of an accident should seek to preserve his or her rights. Each such victim ought to work to preserve that same victim’s legal right, as well as the right to seek whatever measure promises to guarantee recovery from a sustained injury.

The need to seek prompt medical attention.

Any accident victim that has experienced some level of pain or discomfort should seek immediate medical attention. That includes emotional discomfort, as well as physical discomfort.

Benefits enjoyed by accident victims that do seek medical attention as soon as possible:

That victim gets a professional assessment of the amount of harm that has been done to his or her body. The report created by the doctor that examines the accident victim serves as an important document. It adds to the documentation that offers evidence, which can back-up a personal injury claim. A large body of evidence strengthens a victim’s demand for compensation.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Fredericton knows that observations made during that initial examination can guide a determination for how to treat an injured victim. Still, those early observations can get supplemented by any findings made during a subsequent examination.

If the examined victim realizes that the doctor’s initial assessment of the problem reflects a lack of familiarity with the patient’s/victim’s medical history, it has become time to think about retaining a lawyer. A lawyer can speak with the doctor that did the first post-accident examination, in order to pave the way for the introduction of additional observations, from one or more additional medical professionals.

Problems encountered by those victims that delay that first examination

The insurance company could point to the delay as evidence that the victim had not suffered a serious injury.

Mild symptoms might get overlooked. Hence, a more obvious symptom might never get linked to the milder symptoms, or even to the injury-causing accident.

Danger linked to the act of overlooking one or more symptoms

A claimant that has assumed the absence of injuries could agree to an early settlement. Claimants that agreed to an early settlement cannot seek more money, following delayed appearance of an injury.

Claimant could forfeit the chance to take advantage of an opportunity. Claimants have the right to hold-off on settling until their doctors has stated that all victims have reached a state of maximum medical improvement. If any victim was a child or teenager, the deadline for reaching a settlement has been automatically moved back.

With a lawyer’s backing, a claimant should be able to delay the act of settling until 2 years after the potentially injured minor has reached the age of 18. Obviously, some symptom of an injury might show up during that added amount of time.