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As personal Injury Lawyers in St John’s, we firmly believe that victims of negligence have to be rightfully compensated. But what if there were no victims at all?

No matter how fool-proof a system is, there are always things that can go wrong. And no matter how experienced they are, people can make mistakes. In other words: Accidents are bound to happen, but negligence doesn’t have to be.

An accident is considered negligent when it fulfills two requirements: The accident caused damage, and someone else is liable for it.

These two concepts: Damage and Liability, are the base for “Tort Law”, also called “Personal Injury Law”. This law protects people who suffer from accidents caused or allowed by other people or companies.

If you own a space that is meant to be used by other people, like a restaurant, for example; you are meant to keep it safe for those people to use.

Preventing injuries is everyone’s responsibility

In the context of Slip and Fall Injuries, this implies keeping the floor dry, even, and safe to walk on, as much as you reasonably can.

If you want to Prevent Slip and Fall Injuries on your property –Which you should– A good start is to check the surfaces. Are they slippery when wet? Are they exposed to rain or snow? If there are rugs, are they safely anchored?

Other things to consider have more to do with the ambient. Is there enough lighting? Is the visibility obstructed? Are there uncovered pipes, cables, or clutter in the way?

Remember that despite “Slip” being in the name, “Slip and Fall Injuries” Also include accidents that involve tripping, stumbling, twisting, or any other hazard that someone may encounter underfoot.

The best thing to do is to prevent any accidents before they happen. And if accidents do happen, make sure that you did everything you could to prevent them. This way, if the moment comes, you’ll be able to prove that any accident is not your fault.

In these cases, you should do anything you reasonably can to ensure people’s safety. For example, if an area is mopped, it’s reasonable to expect that a janitor will place warning signs until it dries. If there are no warning signs and someone falls, you can expect them to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer from St John’s to sue you.

In simpler words: if you are reasonably expected to know about a problem in your property, and act upon it, but you fail to, it’s considered negligence.

If you suffer a slip and fall accident, what should you do?

As dedicated Personal Injury Lawyers from St. John’s, we always try to help victims of negligence get compensation.

If you are a business trying to prevent accidents as best as you can, we congratulate you. If you are, however, a victim of a negligent accident, you should hire the best Personal Injury Lawyers at St. John’s to get compensation.

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