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Accidents are unpredictable. Medical costs may be mounting up. You may be concerned with your long-term health prognosis and your ability to care for your family. We understand.


When you call the skilled legal professionals at Barapp Injury Law Corp, you are getting our nearly 75 years combined experience of representing the community of Mount Pearl with compassionate and aggressive legal representation after an injury due to an accident or act of negligence. As injury experts, we fight for your rights so you can have peace of mind about your physical and financial future after an accident. As relentless pursuers of justice for our clients in New Brunswick, we have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for them and their families.


After an accident, hiring legal representation is probably the last thing on your mind. When you are suffering injuries, your priority is your health and recovery. But when an injury is the fault of another, those mounting medical bills should not be your problem. Even when you are at fault, you are entitled to accident benefits for your injuries and expenses from your insurance company. This is when legal advice is important. Getting the legal advice of a professional injury lawyer can make a big difference in the amount of compensation you get after an accident.


Without knowing the full scope of your legal rights, you may be tempted to take the first settlement offered by your insurance company. It is important to keep in mind that the settlement offered by an insurance company is often only a fraction of what could be due you after an injury. As for-profit entities, insurance companies will try to downplay your injuries in order to justify a smaller settlement. This keeps money in their pockets and their investors happy. Research has shown that victims with an injury lawyer representing them have recovered a far greater compensation after an injury claim.


Having a personal injury lawyer on your side ensures that every facet of your injury and recovery will be considered. At Barapp Injury Law Corp, we will file and negotiate your claim in order to get the maximum compensation for you after an injury. Insurance companies pay settlements based on data and calculations. You are a real person and not a set of data. We understand that and go to work to recover a fair compensation on your behalf. Although a great majority of injury claims get settled out of court, we will go to court if a fair settlement can’t be reached.


After an injury due to an accident, having the advice and representation of skilled injury lawyers can make the difference between being financially at risk or recovering a compensation that thoroughly considers all aspects of your injuries both current and future. Our Mount Pearl clients have come to rely on our diligent pursuit of justice after an accident. With over 75 years of proven solutions for our clients, you can rest assured that we will fight for your rights with skill and dedication.


At Barapp Injury Law Corp, we understand that the time after an accident can be confusing and overwhelming. With our team in your corner, you can have peace of mind that while you are physically recovering, we are helping you financially recover. We have represented the rights of our clients every step of the way and have recovered millions of dollars on their behalf.


After an injury, the team at Barapp Injury Law Corp will help you gain financial stability and physical and emotional recovery after the stress of an accident. Over our many years in business, we have earned the reputation as one of the most skilled and professional personal injury firms in Mount Pearl and throughout New Brunswick.

Our personal injury team only represents the rights of the victim, never the insurance companies. In this way, we practice law in a way we can feel proud of. Your rights are our passion. You don’t have to face an injury alone. Call us for a free consultation. Know your rights after an accident. Trust the skilled personal injury team at Barapp Injury Law Corp.

Barapp Law Firm PC is in the process of being registered in Nova Scotia as a corporation. Michael Brill a contractor of Barapp Law Firm PC is a licensed lawyer in Nova Scotia.

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Selena MelSelena Mel
16:10 26 Feb 23
I was involved in a pedestrian accident and turned to Barapp Injury Law for help. Alex and his team were dedicated, thorough, and made sure my case was handled with the utmost care. They fought tirelessly on my behalf and I'm grateful for their hard work.
Shelley RhodesShelley Rhodes
06:39 05 Feb 23
I always recommend friends and family who have been injured to go to this law office. The entire team are superstars who always have your best interests in mind. The contingency fee makes it so easy to have top-notch representation.
Hope RoweHope Rowe
05:53 05 Feb 23
These guys are awesome. Very easy to deal with and always called me back if I had questions. They were able to get me great help when I needed it and I never felt pressured to do anything I didn’t want to do. Thank you!
Rosemary WellsRosemary Wells
05:41 05 Feb 23
After my accident I was in need of a good lawyer and I found this law office. They were very professional and answered all my questions thoroughly. They were always responsive and kept me up to date with the progress. If anyone is in need of an lawyer after an accident, I will definitely recommend them.
Jeanette RichardsJeanette Richards
05:08 04 Feb 23
This firm gets it done! Had the pleasure of being helped by them. They walked me through each step of the situation until it was resolved. I recommend this law firm to anyone looking to get the proper representation for their case.
Donna SchmidtDonna Schmidt
03:45 01 Feb 23
There’s nothing better than working with a law firm who listens to you and knows exactly how to help. I spoke with the consultant, who is very experienced, and he was extremely organized, professional, but also supportive. I appreciated the positive and solutions-oriented attitude! Very pleased with my experience and would highly recommend.
23:23 05 Jan 23
I was attacked by a dog and suffered serious injuries. Barapp Injury Law Corp and Eric were compassionate and understanding throughout the entire process. They worked hard to get me the settlement I deserved. Thank you so much.
Samuel PaulSamuel Paul
14:40 08 Sep 21
From the first phone call throughout the process, I immediately was impressed by prompt attention and responsiveness to my situation and injuries. I felt confident that the lawyer was experienced and treated all parties with courtesy and professionalism. Would highly recommend.
Dennis WarrenDennis Warren
13:32 22 Aug 21
I called them first and they completely reassured me that I would be taken care of. Only to focus on making sure my family was safe and wasn't in harm. The consultation was detailed and informative which was a huge relief. They really do take care of you. Highly recommend.
Rebecca GrahamRebecca Graham
13:20 13 Aug 21
The personal injury lawyers here are the best to work with in the legal industry. The staff is outstanding and everyone is an absolute pleasure. I recommend them to all of my friends and family in times of need. They are absolutely the best injury lawyers in every practice area from auto accidents and slip and fall injuries.
Leonardo MaiaLeonardo Maia
19:42 03 Jul 18
Honest and exceedingly knowledgeable. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case. I will highly recommend these guys to anyone seeking an excellent personal injury lawyer