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Residents of British Columbia can seek accident benefits by completing and submitting an ICBC claim form. Yet any potential claimant residing in that Canadian Province (British Columbia) should learn as much as possible about that specific form. In addition, the same resident ought to proceed with care, after having filed ICBC’s claim form.

Residents that proceed with care do not overlook the need to place on that specific form the name of the person that caused the accident. The claimant should also know the license plate number for the vehicle driven by the responsible driver. It helps to obtain that required information at the scene of the accident. Any victim of a hit and run driver should call the police just as soon as possible, and should report the incident.

A resident’s effort to proceed with care should include the readiness to make time for a medical examination.The examination can take place in a doctor’s office, at a hospital or at a clinic.

A resident that is proceeding with caution/care does not overlook seemingly minor symptoms.Some of the signs of a concussion look like insignificant symptoms. Those signs include things like headaches, feeling irritable, ringing in ears and fatigue. A resident’s caution should encourage the hiring of a lawyer that can speak with ICBC; an attorney knows what to say and what not to say.

Other actions taken by a cautious resident:

Applying for medical employment insurance: ICBC will not provide the available accident benefits to anyone that has not applied for medical employment insurance.

Sitting down with a hired Personal Injury Lawyer in Corner Brook, in order to learn the value of a given case, namely the one initiated by the filing of a personal injury claim. Knowledge of a case’s value helps with an assessment of the offers made by the opposing side.

Staying firm in a refusal to accept an early settlement, especially if any victim has not yet recovered from his or her injuries. How can someone agree to a given amount of money, when questions remain, regarding the true cost of the accident?

Thinking twice, before giving serious consideration to the possibility of applying for worker’s compensation. Unless both drivers were working at the time of the accident, an injured driver has the option of pursuing an ICBC claim. Typically, the money from such a claim amounts to more than the money from workers’ compensation.

Being sure to preserve all the evidence: This includes taking pictures of any injuries and pictures of the accident’s location. In addition, it helps to keep all receipts. Have proof of any money spent while seeking treatment for injuries. Do not overlook parking expenses, when visiting a given facility.