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If you were asked to name a word or phrase that comes closest to serving as the antonym for fender-bender, you would have good reason to suggest this one: underside accident. As opposed to denting a fender or two, that type of collision might result in a crushed automobile.

What is an underside accident?

Whenever such an incident has snarled traffic on a highway, a small car has collided with a big truck. In the process, that small automobile has managed to slide under the truck’s trailer.

What sort of meetup precedes the occurrence of such a horrible accident?

It might be a rear end collision, in which case the truck’s trailer could end up dragging the involved automobile. Alternately, a car might collide with the side of a truck’s trailer. That is the type of incident that could force the car under the object with which it has collided.

Why does the victim of such an incident need legal help?

The victim’s injuries could be quite serious. Consequently, it would be all the more important that the responsible party get asked to pay for the damages. A damage award would include money for a hospital bill, for medical expenses, for auto repairs, for lost wages, and for coverage of any other accident-related costs.

Who might be made responsible for paying the damages?

If the driver owned the truck, then the driver would probably be held responsible. If the driver worked for a trucking company, then that company would have to provide the compensation for the damages. In either case, the payment would actually come from the company that had insured the huge vehicle that was involved in the collision.

What sorts of negligent acts might trigger the occurrence of an underside accident?

If the driver were responsible, that driver might have been fatigued, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving too fast or too slowly, making reckless maneuvers, failing to signal, or disobeying a stop sign or a traffic light. If a trucking company were responsible, that company might have failed to arrange for the driver’s training to include a sufficient number of hours.

Trucking companies can also get held responsible, if they have pressured the person sitting behind the steering wheel to remain on the road for many long hours. Alternately, it might have been the company’s responsibility to inspect and maintain its vehicles. Perhaps it failed to carry-out that responsibility.

Normally, Personal Injury Lawyer in Fredericton are familiar with all the reasons that a driver or trucking company might get charged with negligence. By uncovering proof of negligent behavior, an attorney has gained a better chance for winning a fair compensation for that same attorney’s badly injured client.