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Challenges can arise, during the process of determining the compensation owed to the victim of any on-road accident. Whenever one of those victims happens to be a motorcycle rider, the number of challenges tends to increase. For that reason, the same victim should seek out and hire a reputable lawyer.

Lawyers can help with identifying who should be held liable.

Frequently, a motorist that has hit a motorcyclist will say, “I did not see him.” An attorney can seek out witnesses. In addition, lawyers know how to obtain the assistance of collision reconstruction experts.

The magnitude of the cyclist’s injury needs to be emphasized.

A lawyer has been trained to tackle that particular task. A lawyer’s argument could highlight things like an impact that sends a motorcycle rider into the air. If the rider had somehow been dragged along the ground, then that fact could be highlighted. Members of the jury would realize that such an occurrence could lead to development of a terrible injury.

Lawyers have become familiar with the effects of a concussion.

Even when wearing a helmet, the person riding a motorcycle still stands at risk for sustaining a concussion. That can lead to a temporary loss of memory or concentration. Sometimes it can cause the victim to become sensitive to light or sound.

A lawyer’s argument can focus on those symptoms. It takes time to recover from such symptoms. Even after the recovery, the recovered victim might be unable to fully resume his or her former lifestyle.

One new disorder gets added to the list normally associated with on-road accidents.

That new disorder is PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Motorcycle riders stand at risk for PTSD, because they are normally all alone at the time of an accident. An attorney can underscore the effects of PTSD. It can trigger periodic disruptions to a victim’s lifestyle.

Complications that arise during a long and expensive recovery:

Until an injury has stabilized completely, it becomes difficult to predict the eventual outcome. A personal injury lawyer in Gander must hire an expert, to help with an assessment of that outcome. Lawyers hesitate to spend money on an expert until the injury has stabilized.

On the one hand, the victim must spend money on expensive care. On the other hand, any attempt to contact an expert must be delayed. Only with a lawyer’s assistance can the most severely injured victims deal with those conflicting circumstances.

Sometimes, a lawyer can suggest an arrangement that provides a temporary source of money. Certainly, lawyers know how to call for a timeline that recognizes the slow rate of the victim’s recovery. The cost of the victim’s injuries cannot be determined properly, until all the symptoms have been noted and studied.