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If 2 cars collide, either one of them could put a dent in the other vehicle, because the outer surface of each vehicle comes in contact with the opposite surface. That feature does not always become part of an accident involving a truck. Sometimes an automobile slides under the large moving target (truck), during a collision.

Factors that can cause an underside accident:

• An automobile approaches a truck with dim or broken taillights. It does not stop in time.
• A truck driver is moving at an exceedingly slow pace.
• A truck suffers the breakdown of some part; the driver stops in the middle of the road. The driver fails to make use of the truck’s reflectors.
• Driver fails to use a turn signal when making a turn.
• Truck is driven through a stop sign or red light.
• Trucking company fails to provide the driver with an adequate amount of training.

How an automobile can get damaged, after rolling under a truck:

It might get crushed. Alternately, it could be dragged for a fair distance. Personal Injury Lawyer in Halifax knows that either action would cause a good deal of damage.

Why an underside accident can cause the victim to suffer large monetary damages?

The driver and passengers could suffer serious injuries. As a result, each of them might remain in the hospital for an extended amount of time. That would create a large medical expense.

In addition, the hospitalized victims could not carry out the tasks that were part of their job responsibility. Because they would not be working, they could not earn a salary. Consequently, the victims would demand compensation for the days when they could not earn a living. Finally, an underside accident frequently becomes the source of a fatality. Consequently, the family of the victim can file a wrongful death claim. That would mean that the same family could ask to be compensated for its losses.

What were the possible losses suffered by the family of the decedent?

It might have travelled quite a distance, in order to be at the bedside of the wounded and dying loved one. The family members might need to stay in a motel, while making daily visits to the bedside of the injured and dying loved one.

• One or more of the family members might have lost a source of income.
• One or more of the family members might have lost a source of companionship.
• One or more family members might have lost help with housekeeping duties.
• The family would suddenly get hit with the need to pay funeral and burial expenses.
• The defendant would be expected to offer a fair compensation for the above losses.
• A lawyer’s help could prove useful, to any family seeking fair compensation.