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The accident victim that plans to file a personal injury claim needs to notify each person that is being held responsible for the injury-causing accident. That task should get tackled following the completion of several other tasks.

The notification that must be sent out

This notice should make it clear that the sender (the injured victim) plans to file a personal injury claim. The notice gets sent to anyone that the victim deems responsible for the accident.

Personal Injury Lawyers in St John’s encourage their clients to get such a notification in the hands of the responsible parties as soon as possible. A decision to delay the sending out of such a notification until a point more than 30 days after the accident’s occurrence could weaken the chances for a win.

The legal system seeks to preserve victims’ rights. For that reason, it does not insist on the fling of a claim by any person that has sent notices to the responsible parties. Issuance of those notifications can be seen as evidence that the victim suspected the existence of an injury.

How someone that has filed a personal injury claim can increase his or her chances for a win?

Seek medical help as soon as possible. Get seen by a doctor or my medical professionals in a hospital or a clinic, and take that action during the 24 hours that follow the accident’s occurrence.

The injured victim should write down everything that he or she remembers, after returning home, following the occurrence of the accident.

Take notes when speaking on the phone with anyone that is involved with the filed claim. That would include the adjuster.

Collect and preserve valuable evidence, such as pictures of the damaged vehicle or photographs of the victim’s injuries. Share these with a lawyer, but not with anyone contacted by means of a social networking site.

Refrain from sending pictures taken in and around the home to any social networking site. Insurance companies hire investigators that are paid to go online and look for incriminating pictures of a given claimant.

Get the names of witnesses at the site of the accident. Get their contact information, too.

Share with the treating physician any plans to try doing an activity that could not be performed in the past, due to the effects of the injury. If the physician records your intentions, then that should explain your actions to any investigator that was hired by an insurance company. It is essential to limit the amount of text placed on social networking sites, especially if it includes any reference to your injury or to the treatments that you are receiving. Do not write about any efforts that were made for rehabilitation of the affected body parts.