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ICBC has made an effort to hasten the rate at which the claimed losses for an automobile accident get addressed. It has guaranteed reimbursement for injuries, regardless of who might be blamed for the injury-causing collision. Still, there are times when it takes an added amount of time to reach a settlement.

Complex accidents do not get settled in a short space of time.

A complex accident could be one in which the driver has lost many days of work. He or she would seek compensation for lost wages or lost profits. Those benefits are not included among the part 7 benefits. For that reason, the day of the settlement might get delayed.

A complex accident might also leave a victim disabled or handicapped. Someone that has been forced to deal with such a hardship has the right to claim pain and suffering. Like money for lost wages, the payment for pain and suffering has not been included in part 7 benefits. Hence, the introduction of catastrophic injuries lengthens the time during which the accident victim must wait for the final settlement.

The attitude of the accident victim also plays a role in determining the amount of time that will pass before the reaching of a settlement.

Some victims welcome an early settlement, even if it does not guarantee receipt of a fair compensation. Others prefer to wait, in order to obtain a fair reimbursement for all of their losses.

The victim’s efforts can help to move a case along. A cooperative victim works with a lawyer, in order to collect all the necessary evidence. The same client/victim enjoys the ability to learn what his or her case is worth. Such knowledge helps to hasten the arrival of a settlement.

By the same token, a Personal Injury Lawyer in Halifax can alert a victim to the wisdom behind preserving the evidence. Lost evidence delays arrival of the day when the case has been settled. Missing paperwork has the same effect on the timeline of any negotiations.

Why a delay in settling should not be deemed objectionable?

Such a delay provides doctors with more time in which to study each victim’s injuries. It could be that new symptoms appear during the wait. Those can be reported to ICBC, in an effort to obtain more money for medical expenses.

If the case had been settled, the victim would have been forced to deal with the meaning of the new symptoms. Understand that once it has been settled, a case cannot be appealed. On the other hand, the victim can consult with a specialist, should that prove necessary. The specialist’s fee can get added to the growing list of medical expenses.