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How large your settlement will be will depend on the specific facts surrounding your case. At the very minimum, you are entitled to be compensated for special damages. General damages include pain and suffering. These tend to be harder to calculate.

You may wonder if you can get a huge settlement even after you get your injuries from a car accident treated. Insurance companies tend to use a multiplier which they apply to the dollar amount for special damages when calculating general damages. As a general rule, your chances of getting a huge settlement are greater if you have substantial bodily injuries and/or property damage than if both are very minor in nature, as per Personal Injury Lawyer in St John’s.

Medical Treatment will Affect your Final Settlement

If you received medical treatment for more than one type of injury in a series of stages, you (not surprisingly) were more likely to receive a larger payout than if you just went to see the doctor once for a sprained wrist.

People who had surgery tended to receive a settlement valued at $215,000. Those who were treated on-site tended to receive a settlement of $128,000. It should be noted that this was 140% more than what the average plaintiff received. People who only needed chiropractic care tended to receive settlements that were 41% lower than the average.

Due to the negligence or maltreatment or incompetent treatment of the doctors, nurses or hospital staff, if you are injured, then it comes under medical malpractice. It is a complicated case and you will need a personal injury lawyer experienced in medical malpractice cases.

If a person suffers an injury at their workplace, while they are indulged in their work or is caused due to lack of safety measures at a work place in such situations the medical bills and the other compensations are covered by the organization/compensation carrier. The type and amount of compensation again vary from state to state and depends on the future of the employee at the organization. If the employee is severely injured and may not be able to join work after recovery the compensation may go higher when compared to a situation where the employee is back to work and resumes all the duties post recovery.

You need to protect your interests

It’s important for you to see the doctor right away. Injuries may take months to show up. Also, the information in the medical records that your doctor will create for you is admissible either in or out of court.

You should also hire a good personal injury lawyer. This professional will educate you on what your settlement amount will likely be. He or she will also defend you and increase your likelihood of winning that settlement.