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If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you may be wondering how much you could get for your injuries as well as the damage done to your vehicle and any other losses you may encounter. It’s not easy to put a dollar figure on something like an automobile accident but it does help to know what you can expect using the same factors that the vehicle insurance uses as well as other Personal Injury Lawyer in Moncton when they access the damage.

Car Insurance Coverage and Policy Limits

One of the biggest deciding factors in an automobile accident is the insurance coverage that the driver at fault had when the accident occurred. This includes a policy limit that may be on the insurance coverage per person or per accident. The insurance company that the driver at fault was using at the time of the accident will most likely contact you to settle for the price they feel was reasonable. In some cases, where the vehicle accident goes to trial, the jury may find in your favor and award you more than what the insurance policy would cover. This is when the individual’s assets are taken into consideration instead.

Vehicle Damage

An insurance company has some degree of responsibility for assessing the damage done to your vehicle and add that to the cost of the injury amount. If there wasn’t a lot of damage done to your vehicle, then the insurance company may try to create a degree of uncertainty to your actual injury.

Medical Expenses

Any medical bills that you receive due to your injuries following a vehicle accident would be included in your claim. In fact, the amount of medical expenses would be a large part of your claim and would also include pain and suffering as well because these are normal effect of an automobile accident.

Lost Income/Earning Capacity

If you are injured, you can’t work. It’s a good idea to add loss of income and earnings to your claim when you have been injured in an automobile accident. Insurance companies will take this into consideration as well, especially if your injuries are determined to be serious.

Pain and Suffering

While it’s hard to put a dollar figure on pain and suffering, it is expected to some degree when you have been injured in an accident. Things that will need to be taken into consideration include physical pain, discomfort, the extent of your injuries, and any medical treatment received after the injury including mental and psychological effects that you may be experiencing as well as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Loss of Consortium/Loss of Enjoyment

Loss of consortium is a term used when a spouse has been injured in an accident and the other spouse loses their companion and support as they were used to. When an accident happens, it could have a negative response to the someone who may be used to being in a relationship with someone and has come to depend and lean on them.

In order to determine how much your case is worth, you will need to consult with a personal injury lawyer and not agree to any type of settlement without representation.