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If you were to get injured in an accident, what should be your primary concerns? What steps should you take, in order to obtain a fair compensation?

Would you have to follow some sort of timeline?

If you had been injured on government property, then you would have a special timeline to follow. You would need to notify government authorities within a period of about 10 days, regarding any plans you might have to file a claim.

You could take longer than that, if you had been injured on commercial or private property. Still, your chances for winning a fair compensation would increase, if you did not delay for long the sending of a notification about your intentions. Such a notice is usually sent to the insurance company of the person that caused the occurrence of the accident-related injury.

The statute of limitations gives the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit. Each state has its own statute of limitations. It helps to consult a Personal Injury Lawyer in St John’s, in order to obtain details about the statute of limitations in your state, or in the state where the accident took place.

What steps should you take, once you have been injured in an accident?

Make an effort to visit a doctor or a medical facility as soon as possible. Failure to do so within the 24 hours that follow the accident could reduce your chances for obtaining a fair compensation.

Get the names and contact numbers for any witnesses. If involved in a car accident, bet the names and contact information for each of the drivers. Also get the information about the insurance company of the person that has contributed to the accident’s occurrence. As you get treated for your injury, be sure to preserve any evidence. That would include any bills from doctors or other medical facility. If you paid for parking at such a facility, save the parking stub.

Preserve any photographs of the accident site, or of any property damage. If you took a picture of your injury, you should save that as well. Contact any witnesses that you spoke with earlier. Try to arrange a time when the 2 of you can get together in a quiet location. Prepare a list of the questions that you ought to ask that same witness.

• Where was he or she standing at the time of the accident?
• Did he or she have a clear view of what was happening at the time of the collision?
• Could you receive feedback on a drawing that you have made of the spot where the vehicles collided?

In that way, you should be able to confirm or correct your own perceptions, regarding the location’s features.