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No claimant should expect a large compensation, if the defendant has failed to buy any insurance and has not maintained a sizable amount of cash in his or her bank account.

Consider the options open to any claimants that have been hit by an uninsured driver:

Those that were smart enough to buy an uninsured motorist option could file a claim against their own insurance company. In that way, each of them could claim an amount of money that was equal to the limit, as stated in the terms of that same option.

Before introduction of the uninsured motorist option, any policyholders that had the misfortune of being hit by an uninsured motorist would need to utilize their policies’ comprehensive coverage, if payments for that specific option had allowed each claimant access to its special benefits.

Consider the situation facing the victim of a slip and fall incident, if the business or property owner had failed to invest in any type of liability insurance.

Personal Injury Lawyer in St John’s knows that same victim might never receive any compensation, unless the business or property owner had chosen to put some money aside, for use during an emergency.

There would be 1 possible method available to the same victim, which might provide him or her with access to some deserved cash.

–The law would allow the victim’s name to be used in relation to a lien. That lien could be placed on the defendant’s property, so that certain funds could be given to the lien holder/victim, when that same property was sold.

–Understand that the above method could only be used, if the business or property owner had secured equity in the property on which the slip and fall accident had taken place. The attainment of equity indicates achievement of a state where the owner of a building or a piece of land has paid off more than 50% of the mortgage.

Both of the above situations illustrate instances when the strength of a submitted claim could have no bearing on the claim’s outcome.

Usually, claimants that have a stronger case tend to receive a larger compensation, or court-ordered judgment. Yet in the situations presented above, the claim’s size would not guarantee the payment of a generous amount of cash to a claimant or plaintiff.

Some lawyers agree to take clients that face such a challenging circumstance. Their experience might enable them to locate a third party, one that could be held responsible for the injury-causing accident. For instance, someone that had been it by an uninsured and intoxicated driver might be able to seek compensation from the person that had chosen to keep serving alcoholic beverages to a guest that would need to drive home.