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What Is The Liability of Landlord If Someone Slips And Falls In An Apartment

Any landlord has the duty to care for the residents, during those times when any one of them has chosen to use one of the apartment’s common areas. Those would be the spots where people might gather, or the areas through which residents might pass, on the way to a…...

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Understanding Percentage Fees For Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have been injured from a slip and fall accident or a car accident you might wonder what percentage of your compensation a personal injury lawyer in Dartmouth might take. Most lawyers will inform you that with these accidents there is no set or legal fee involved but some…...

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How To Counteract The Hazards of Winter To Avoid Personal Injury

With the cold season comes the snow and ice and hail and sleet and thus, also an increase in car collisions, slip and fall accidents, and other hazards to watch out for. In order to help you avoid injury, we have put together this article which will list risks and…...

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