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Can I Sue For A Defective Product If I’m Not Injured?

When you purchase a product, you assume that it is safe to use and you following the consumer guidelines for using the product should be good enough to protect you and your family. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how safe you are when using a product, an accident can occur if…...

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What To Prove In Order To Win A Defective Product Liability Claim?

A consumer might get annoyed if a purchased product does not perform in the way expected. Still, that does not mean that the disappointed consumer has a right to file a defective product liability claim....

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Theories of Liability Used In Defective Product Claims

The makers of a given product cannot oversee every phase of that product’s creation. It could develop a flaw in a variety of ways. The legal system has created a means for identifying the nature of the mistake that caused a given flaw....

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How To Determine Fault In A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you have been involved in an accident, carelessness of another party and the level of it is often considered when determining accident liability. Each case is different so the determination of fault will be different as well. Vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, product liability and medical malpractice are…...

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