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Can You Get Insurance Coverage For A Dog Bite?

If your dog bites someone else, don’t be surprised if they sue you. Your homeowner’s insurance policy will generally pay the lawsuit....

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Responsibilities of Dog Owner If Same Pet Bites Someone

Someone that has been bitten by another person’s canine companion should immediately seek medical care. What actions should the dog’s owner take?...

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How An Insurance Company Can Affect The Outcome For A Personal Injury Case?

A Personal Injury Lawyer in St John’s does not look for accidents, in hopes of adding to his or her caseload. The lawyer’s experience has shown that the insurance purchased by a plaintiff or a defendant can play a role in how a given case gets decided....

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Advice For Owner of Dog That Has Bitten A Visitor Or Trespasser

If your normally friendly dog bit someone that was committing a crime, relax. There should be no charges made against you. The law recognizes the fact that your pet was provoked by someone that was trespassing on your property....

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