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No one could argue with the fact that a speeding car is bound to suffer more damage, if it impacts a stationary object or another vehicle. Still, some motorists do not think about all the ways that speeding can increase the chances for an accident.

Problems that plague motorist when car’s speed exceeds the posted limit:

Motorist finds it hard to steer around corners. In other words, the driver does not have good control of the fast-moving vehicle.

It becomes hard to come to a complete stop. This fact adds to the evidence that speeding diminishes the driver’s ability to control the fast-moving vehicle.

A number of the car’s parts, namely the brakes, tires and suspension prove less effective when a car moves at an exceedingly high rate of speed. At that same time, the protective equipment, such as seat belts and air bags tends to be less effective.

Attitude that can invite the problems named above:

That attitude gets displayed by drivers that to fast at night, when their lights fail to light up a great deal of the roadway that lies ahead. That offers an example of going too fast for the road conditions. Naturally, a smart driver should slow down at night, and also when the weather creates poor road conditions.

What factors can encourage speeding?

• Driver seeks to meet a deadline.
• Driver attempts to by-pass traffic congestion. Driver finds stretch of open road and speeds down that same stretch.
• Motorist gets a feeling of anonymity.
• Glamorization of speeders in TV and movies.
• Insufficient emphasis on dangers of speeding, when students take course on driver education.

How the danger has increased in the present-day setting?

Today, Personal Injury Lawyer in Miramichi know that the number of distracted drivers seems to increase a bit each day. Those distracted drivers tend to slow down, as they seek to complete some task, while in control of the steering wheel. A speeder seldom notes the slow pace of such a motorist. Hence, that same speeder soon slams into the same motorist.

At the same time, some of the features on present-day automobiles encourage the feeling of anonymity. For example, a vehicle with dark windows helps perpetuate the driver’s feeling on anonymity. As mentioned above, that serves to encourage more speeding.

At the request of lawmakers, car-makers keep adding more and more protective gear to each vehicle that comes off the production line. Yet, as explained above, that gear does not work as well as it should, when it is in a vehicle that is going too fast. That fact underscores yet another reason that driver education has not kept pace with all the updates that have been added to the vast majority of vehicles.