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When you purchase a product, you assume that it is safe to use and you following the consumer guidelines for using the product should be good enough to protect you and your family. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how safe you are when using a product, an accident can occur if the product is defective in any way.

If you are certain that the product is defective, most of the time, you can contact the company or manufacturer personally and explain what happened and they will replace the product with a new one. But what about that one product that causes a serious injury? When this happens, you need to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Halifax that can handle your case and represent you when corresponding with the company who made the defective product as well as the company or store that sold the product to you.

Product Liability Basics

It’s important that you know what to do when you stumble upon a product that is defective. When a company sells a product that is defective, you may be able to claim a lawsuit that is based on a breach of warranty. This type of case goes against the company that makes the product and then sells the product as well as the company that sells the product.

The difference with these types of cases is that the accident happened, not because of negligence, such as what you would expect in a personal injury case, but because of the strict liability that surrounds the product. A company can be held liable if:

• The product that they sold is defective which results in the product being dangerous
• The defect from the product caused injuries that a consumer would unknowingly use

The “Damages” Element

In order for a consumer to try and collect from any damages, the plaintiff, or consumer would need to be able to have suffered in some way by using the product. If the lawyer can help to prove that an injury did occur due to the use of the product even in the manner it was supposed to be used, then the plaintiff has a case.

The company will be investigated to ensure that they are doing everything they are supposed to do in order to promote and sell a product that is in the best condition possible and that the chances of any type of malfunction or injury is at a minimum. Every consumer knows that there is a possibility of an injury occurring in just about anything that you use. However, it’s up to a company to offer a product that is safe. When that product fails, someone needs to answer for it, especially if there was an injury because of it.