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Understand Why There Are More Accidents At Intersections

Each year, hundreds of people become involved in motor vehicle accidents, with consequences reaching from mild property damage to severe personal injury with long-term effects. Even more alarmingly, the risk of such collisions has been found to be over one-hundred-and-fifty percent higher on city roads....

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Shouldering The Burden of Proving Liability In A Personal Injury Case

Following a car accident, it is upon you, the plaintiff, to prove the other driver’s negligence was the cause of the accident, and thus, your injuries. You may feel ridiculous explaining the series of events to your Personal Injury Lawyer in Halifax because it all seems so obvious to you,…...

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Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Claim And How You Can Fight Against Them

Regardless of which kind of accident left you injured, you will always have to go up against the insurance company’s investigators and injury claims adjusters in order to receive fair compensation. Your initial conversation with a representative at the insurance company will most likely be nice and sympathetic, but behind…...

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Understanding Percentage Fees For Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have been injured from a slip and fall accident or a car accident you might wonder what percentage of your compensation a personal injury lawyer in Dartmouth might take. Most lawyers will inform you that with these accidents there is no set or legal fee involved but some…...

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How To Counteract The Hazards of Winter To Avoid Personal Injury

With the cold season comes the snow and ice and hail and sleet and thus, also an increase in car collisions, slip and fall accidents, and other hazards to watch out for. In order to help you avoid injury, we have put together this article which will list risks and…...

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Be Careful With Social Media Until The Settlement of Your Injury Claim

While you do not need to completely abstain from social media between your accident and the settlement of your injury claim, you do need to be aware that insurance companies hire investigators to monitor the accounts of claimants.Over the course of recent years, social media has been used more and…...

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