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Does A Car Accident Automatically Increase The Insurance Rate For All Drivers Involved?

The short answer to the question in the title of this article is “no.” An insurance company may raise the driver’s rates, but then again it may not. The company’s decision depends on what has been discovered following its examination....

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What Those With Disability Claims Should Know About Surveillance By Insurers

For many men and women, the thought of their being under surveillance stirs up disquieting feelings. Still, if any of those same adults were to become the victim of an act of violence, their lawyers would welcome discovery of taped footage from a camera in the area of the violent…...

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Details On The New Traffic Safety Act In Nova Scotia

The New Traffic Safety Act in Nova Scotia helps to ensure pedestrians of 3 forms of added protection. To begin with, that Act expands the definition of distracted driving. It makes it illegal to check a hand held device while at sitting behind the steering wheel in a moving vehicle....

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Basic Facts About Whiplash Associated Disorders

The part of the body that contains the cervical spine and the surrounding soft tissue undergoes a whiplashing, when the neck, along with other body parts, experiences a rapid acceleration, followed by a quick deceleration. The term whiplash associated disorders (WAD) refers to all the symptoms that affect the neck,…...

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Types of Accidents That Cause Neck Injuries

Sometimes a careless action can cause the person that has acted so carelessly to suffer a neck injury. At other times, the negligent act carried out by another person can cause the innocent victim to suffer a neck injury. Most injuries to the area of the cervical spine result from…...

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3 Most Common Circumstances Surrounding A Wrongful Death

A tragic atmosphere surrounds any situation in which there has been a wrongful death. Sometimes one person’s negligence has caused another person to have a shortened life span. This article looks at the 3 most common circumstances in which negligent behavior leads to a wrongful death....

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What Is The Liability of Landlord If Someone Slips And Falls In An Apartment

Any landlord has the duty to care for the residents, during those times when any one of them has chosen to use one of the apartment’s common areas. Those would be the spots where people might gather, or the areas through which residents might pass, on the way to a…...

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What It Means To Settle A Claim?

After you have filed a personal injury claim, your case can head one of two ways: Court Settlements Should your case end up in court for any reason, then you will effectively put your fate into the hands of the judge and jury. Your evidence will be presented in the…...

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What Is The Meaning of Assumption of Risk In A Personal Injury Claim?

While we are often looking at the plaintiff’s side when we discuss personal injury claims, today we will be diving into a defense strategy. Specifically, the defense of the Assumption of Risk. This defense is based on the idea that, if the plaintiff was aware of the risk associated with…...

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Understanding The Basics of Pain And Suffering Damages In A Claim

Following the involvement in an accident which left them injured, the plaintiff may be granted damages for pain and suffering by the court. Whether it be the result of losses, injuries, or illness, the plaintiff may be awarded these damages for any kind of emotional and/or physical pain and suffering....

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