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Anyone that has filed a personal injury claim with an insurance company has hoped to receive a fair compensation. How can a claimant increase his or her chances for being fairly compensated?

Which of the factors that determine the level of compensation provided by the insurance company remain beyond the control of the claimant?

The claimant cannot control the nature and extent of the injury. Claimants that try to obtain coverage for a non-existent condition are committing insurance fraud. If their crime gets discovered, then they must pay a penalty. Claimants have no control over the provisions on coverage, as stated in the policy of the driver that has been held responsible for the accident-related damages and injuries.

How can claimants increase their chances for being fairly compensated?

Someone that has filed a personal injury claim ought to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Halifax as he or she can gather the relevant evidence, and also work with the adjuster from the defendant’s insurance company. A lawyer would know that it is best to refuse the adjuster’s first offer. Someone that has not hired an attorney ought to copy the approach taken by experienced personal injury lawyers. In other words, he or she should refuse the adjuster’s initial offer.

A claimant’s chances for obtaining a fair compensation increase, if he or she elects to file a lawsuit. That act sends a message to the members of the defense team for the sued driver. It lets them know the serious nature of the plaintiff’s/claimant’s intentions.

Stand up for the rights of all those that suffered a loss, as a result of the accident. The driver should act to protect the rights of any passengers. If the driver’s policy includes comprehensive coverage, then it covers the injuries to any passengers.

It could prove to a driver’s advantage to call-attention to medical concerns, as those relate to a passenger. For instance, young people in a family might be affected, if the family’s automobile was hit while the family was on a short or long trip. That would mean that a lawyer could ask that a hold be placed on the statute of limitations.

That hold would remain in force until the younger boy or girl had reached the age of 18. Then that young adult would have 2 years in which to file a claim. During that added time, it might become apparent that the young passenger had, indeed, sustained some sort of injury.

That is the sort of situation that an insurance company hopes to avoid, so that it can save money. That is why insurers urge adjusters to work towards reaching a settlement as soon as possible, following the date of the accident.