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If your normally friendly dog bit someone that was committing a crime, relax. There should be no charges made against you. The law recognizes the fact that your pet was provoked by someone that was trespassing on your property.

If the person that was the target of your pet’s teeth somehow provoked the attack, then that fact will influence the extent of the charges against you. Any money that you will need to pay in the way of compensation should get reduced. The extent of that reduction should reflect the degree to which the victim’s behavior succeeded in provoking the angry canine.

How you should behave immediately after the biting incident

Make sure that the victim gets proper medical treatment. Offer directions to the nearest hospital or clinic, if the victim lacks a familiarity with the local area.

Give the victim your name and contact information. If your dog bit someone that had come to your home to perform a service, do not assume that he or she has your contact information. Check to see if that information somehow got lost or mislaid, as a result of the attack. Collect the names and contact information for any witnesses. As you gather that information, keep the following word of guidance in mind.

Do not make any statements that refer to your guilt or freedom from guilt. Do not act like you are trying to sway the witness’ opinion, regarding what caused your pet’s behavior.

Actions to take in the days and weeks that follow the biting incident

Make sure that your dog is under control, and is no longer a danger to others. Take pictures of any structures or equipment that you have installed, in an effort to keep other visitors safe from harm. Have a receipt that

Collect any evidence that would support a claim that you had done your best to control your pet, prior to the day of the biting incident. Speak with witnesses that might be able to support your claim.

Was your dog not feeling well that day? Can you obtain any statement from a veterinarian that would support such a claim? Maybe the veterinarian had advised you to treat your sick canine with a special medicine. Maybe your dog’s behavior was a side effect of that new medication. Consider those possibilities.

Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Dartmouth. Be ready, in case you become the target of a lawsuit. If you knew the victim, you may want to be of help to that injured individual. Ask your lawyer how you can go about offering help, without making it look as though you are trying to avoid paying the victim his or her deserved compensation.