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The adjuster from the insurance company initiates the negotiations, but only after receiving a document from you. If you or your Personal Injury Lawyer in Dartmouth have filed a claim, then you must send a demand letter to the defendant’s insurance company. You will need to include some supporting documents and state the amount of money you hope to be compensated.

Wait for the initial call from the adjuster and during that call, the two of you state your points. Emphasize the strength of your claim and the weaknesses in the adjuster’s argument. Expect the adjuster to suggest the amount of money that should cover your expenses. The adjuster will not expect a response from you during that first call.

If you think that the adjuster’s offer seems extremely low, send a letter and ask for a justification of that low-ball offer. If you do not get a response to that letter, be sure to raise that issue when you call to state the amount that you are now willing to accept. Suggest an amount that is lower than the one in your demand letter but higher than what the insurance company has offered.

At some point during the negotiations you may get a reservation of rights letter.

In that letter the insurance company will state that it has launched an investigation of your claim, but it will also indicate that it has not yet admitted that you are covered under the policy. The letter’s arrival does not mean that the negotiations have stopped. The insurer wants to be sure that you do not think that your offer has been accepted.

Be prepared for how the negotiating uncovers the strengths and weaknesses in your case.

Have in mind a minimum figure; if you had to agree to a lower figure, you would, at that point, not feel that you had received a fair compensation. Still, be ready to change that minimum. Make it lower if your case starts to look weaker; make it higher of your case starts to look stronger.

Reaching a settlement

By following the approach outlined above, you and the adjuster should finally agree on a reasonable figure. The two of you have reached a settlement, but you must get that settlement in writing. Use the established procedure for requesting that particular document.

Confirm in a letter that you are in agreement with the final figure mentioned during the most recent negotiating session. Send that message to the adjuster and mention the date by which you expect a settlement document. Once you get the settlement document, let the insurance company know that you have received it. Then the insurer should arrange for a check in the agreed amount to be sent to your lawyer.