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After a parent has selected a day-care facility for a young son or daughter, that same parent expects that the child to be safe, while at that particular location. Parents do not anticipate the occurrence of an accident at a place that enjoys the supervision provided by experienced caregivers.Still, accident do happen.

Thus, if a parent learns that a child has been hurt, that parent’s thought process might focus on the possible emergence of a reasonable legal action. If the child was seriously injured, then there may be grounds for a premise’s liability lawsuit, as your personal injury lawyer in Moncton may tell you.Understand, though that lack of supervision causes most accidents at daycare facilities. That would mean needing to prove negligence on the part of a member of the staff.

Types of injuries most reported from daycare facilities:

Bruising Traumatic brain injuries Electrocution
Drowning Choking Assault
Poisoning Broken bones Sexual assault
Eye injuries Allergic reactions

What to do

There are some actions the parent should take, after arriving to pick up the hurt son or daughter. These are:

Ask for an incident report. If one has not been prepared, the parent should learn why that task was not completed. Legally, the facility must have a report, one that it can show any investigator.

Ask for a list that gives the names for all the staff workers that were at the facility on that particular day. Parents need that information, if they decide to charge any staff member with negligence.

Take the child to a doctor. That should be done before the child gets taken anywhere else. Otherwise, the daycare center could claim that the child got injured after he or she had left the spot where the parent had found the son or daughter, playing with the other children.

Do not sign any document before consulting with a lawyer. During that consultation, offer any information that might be used to obtain facts on the situation from other parents.

Some nursery schools have a one-way mirror that looks out on the classroom area. That provides parents with a way to watch what their children are doing. The children cannot see who is looking through the one-way mirror.

Possible strategies to discuss with a lawyer:

Estimate the time of the accident that caused your child to be injured. The injury lawyer might want to send an investigator to observe what is happening in the classroom at that time of the day. How many supervisors are in the room, and what are they doing?

Depending on the nature of the accident, arrange for someone to check for the presence of safety equipment. If your child nearly drowned, have someone check to see what safety equipment can be found by the pool. Was the facility’s first aid kit well-stocked? There are various aspects to consider before filing the claim and it is best to let a lawyer handle it all.