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If you crash into a car while on a bicycle, you might think that the driver of the larger vehicle would automatically get held responsible for such an accident. In actuality, the motorist might feel that he or she has the right to sue for any property damage.

That possibility might make you feel uneasy. In order to put yourself at ease, you need to become familiar with the sort of actions that you should be taking.

Actions to take at the scene of the accident:

Request medical help. You need to get your injuries documented. Get the name of the physician that takes care of your case, if you go to a hospital or a clinic. You may need to contact that same physician, in order to get referred to a specialist.

You should not leave the scene, even if you feel fine. Wait for the arrival of a member of the police force. It is essential to provide the police with the relevant facts. State all of your injuries. Do not discuss the accident with others.

Collect the appropriate contact information. Get the other driver’s name, address and phone number. Also write down the number on the license plate on the other driver’s vehicle, plus the name of that same driver’s insurance company. If you speak with any witnesses, get their names and contact information. If you have a phone with a camera, take pictures of any injuries and any damage to your bicycle.

Actions to take once you return home:

Sit down and record what you remember about the recent crash. Preserve any damaged property, even clothing. It can serve as a useful type of evidence. It can be used to demonstrate the nature of the impact. It can also be used to show that you had worn something that helped to make you more visible.

Do not talk to the insurance company of the motorist that plans to sue you. Tell them that you intend to get a lawyer. Later provide them with the lawyer’s name and contact information.

Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Moncton; try to find one that has handled a similar case. Arrange for that attorney to speak with the insurance company. Give your lawyer’s name and contact information to the same insurance company.

Follow through with any treatment plan that you have been given by a doctor. Be sure to go to any scheduled tests and to obtain any requested x-ray, CT scan or MRI.

Save all the bills that you accumulate, while getting treated for your injuries. Those will get added to all the other evidence. If you bought medical supplies or medication, save the receipts that you got at the time of the purchase.