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Right after you have become involved in a collision, you may have no one who can help you. Still, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Look around for any witnesses, and try to get the contact number for each of them. Also exchange information with the other drivers. Get their contact information and details on their insurance, as well as their license, plus the license plate number on each of their vehicles. If possible, take pictures of the scene and of the damage done to your vehicle.Contact the police, so that you can later gain access to the police report. Finally, contact an accident lawyer.

The lawyer’s role

The Personal Injury Lawyer in Fredericton retained by the accident victim can notify the victim’s insurance company, and tell the insurer that his or her client will be filing a claim. After sharing that fact with the insurance company, the retained attorney should file both a Notice of Action and a Statement of Claim.

By working together, the attorney and client can supplement the Statement of Claim with specific information, such as the medical expenses, the police report and the wages lost by the victim (the attorney’s client). Once those tasks have been completed, the attorney’s attention can focus on the negotiations with the insurance company.

How you can help your lawyer, if you have hired one:

Keep track of the information that is going into the medical report, about your accident-related injury. Strive to gain a good understanding of the medical problems that are associated with your injury.Note how your life has changed, now that you must deal with the way that your injury has affected your body. Have you been forced to miss any events, or to forego any inviting opportunities? A forced sacrifice can get added to a listing of the pain and suffering that you have struggled to overcome.

Work to gain a full understanding of your injuries. That should make it easier for you to fight any suggestion that you could get compensated sooner by agreeing to an early settlement. Smart victims do not settle with the insurance company until they have reached the level of maximum medical improvement.

Actions to avoid

Do not talk about your claim with friends, neighbors and co-workers. Do not post any pictures of you on one or more social networking sites. Your insurer has hired investigators, and at least one of those studies devotes a part of each day to studying the photographs that can be viewed on the various social networking sites.Keep that fact in mind, if you feel like testing your ability to perform a task that used to be impossible. Share your plans with your doctor.