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More About Injury Lawsuits Stemming From Negligent Construction

Imagine falling off the scaffolding or a construction site accident that led to serious injuries or even a worker’s death. Think of the legal battles that would result. Most of the wrongful death plaintiffs’ families would file lawsuits against the majority of the people involved in erecting the structure, including…...

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Understand The Concept of Contributory Negligence In A Car Accident

Contributory negligence is a factual defense that can seriously undermine a personal injury claim. Any party that participated in any way to the incident that resulted in the harm is prohibited from obtaining compensation from other parties in the few states that adhere to this rule. You may connect with…...

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Additional Legal Defenses Against A Car Accident Lawsuit

The defendant in an automobile accident lawsuit may also attempt to assert a variety of additional procedural defenses, such as the assertion that the plaintiff’s complaint—the legal document that initiates the case and lays out the allegations—fails to allege a claim at law....

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