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Reason For Settlement At Conclusion of Most Personal Injury Cases

Consider the alternative to a settlement. Acceptance of such an alternative could give rise to the need to spend many hours in a courtroom, while dealing with the uncertainty that would accompany doubts about the jury’s decision....

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How To Prove Fault When One Vehicle Has T-Boned A Second Vehicle?

When one vehicle has broadsided a second one, the wreckage that has been created by that type of collision resembles the shape of a T-bone steak. Still, an ability to understand the background of a T-bone accident does not help with identification of the at-fault party....

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Actions To Take When Negotiating In Absence of Lawyer’s Assistance

Choosing to negotiate with an adjuster, while lacking a Personal Injury Lawyer St John’s guidance might not be a foolish endeavor, if the claimant had prepared and organized all the paperwork, and had sustained only minor injuries....

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