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Can A Patient Sue A Hospital?

In order to examine the times when a hospital can be sued, an unhappy patient must first become familiar with the legal definition of negligence. A patient that has chosen to sue a hospital must prove that someone on the hospital’s staff was negligent....

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Advice For Claimant That Must Negotiate With Insurance Company

If you hire a lawyer, before filing a personal injury claim, then you do not have to negotiate with the insurance company; your lawyer does that for you. However, a claimant that does not have a lawyer will need to take part in such negotiations....

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Comparing A Personal Injury Claim To A Lawsuit

A resident of Ontario can follow either a simple or a more complex system, following involvement in a motor vehicle accident. The simple system allows for the filing of a personal injury claim. The more complex of the two systems involves pursuing a lawsuit....

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Easy Ways To Avoid Boating Accidents

If the occupants of a boat stay safe from harm, a boating accident can be avoided. Those on board a vessel should understand how to keep themselves safe....

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